The extra step: How to push yourself over the limit in your workouts

Whenever you are comfortable with a weight amount that you can do for 8-10 reps for 2-3 sets, you should consider going to a higher weight if you want to build muscle.

Doing reps for 8-10 times for 2-3 sets is a good way to create tone and keep your muscles loose and fit. However, if you want to pack on muscle you will need to think about doing weight that you can only lift 5-7 reps or 6-8 reps. By doing so you tell your body that you need more energy and muscle to lift the weight and this well help put on muscle. After a couple of weeks or perhaps months depending on your rate of doing this new weight eventually it will feel light and from thereon you will want to put on more weight to repeat the process.

go heavy or go home

Go heavy or go home

Also, if you lift a heavier weight at 6-8 reps a time and then go back to the weight you were originally lifting 8-10 reps at it’s going to feel even lighter and will help you get 10-12 reps instead. Likewise, once you start to feel you are making headway on your new 6-8 rep weight amount switch over to an even heavier weight for about 3-4 reps and then go back. You will feel like that amount feels even lighter than before, making it easier to bump up rep amounts for that and move onto new weight.

A lot of people get stuck on the same weight for a long period of time because they don’t push themselves like this, which for better or worse, is the shortcut kind of way to convincing your body you need more weight. They keep doing the same amount of weight each time and think that the next time they will add one more rep and then another. However, it usually doesn’t work like that and it becomes easy to hit a plateau.

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These are the basics for helping you get the extra rep or two in your workouts so that you can pack on muscle more quickly.

However, you gotta be in the game mentally. There is no way to exclude the mental factor. Whenever you see big guys lifting and pushing themselves, they are also pushing themselves mentally to believe that they can lift more. Those guys like Thomas Delauer get in the zone and have to see themselves lifting more, running more, doing more sit-ups or whatever it may be.

Think of this like driving-you can’t just be zoning out the whole time and then expect to get your destination; in fact, you are aware of every turn, corner, speed and cars around you. If not, I bet not only you wouldn’t make it to your destination but you might get hurt along the way.

Make sure to follow these two steps: pushing heavier and being aware.

Lastly, if you just get so exhausted on the last rep that you think you can’t do anymore, just think of something that upset you recently. Putting your intensity into that last rep will not only take some weight off your chest, it will add some more as well!

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