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getting ripped naturally

Go to the beach, to the gym, or even turn on your favorite late night wrestling program, and you’re almost guaranteed to see a barrage of ridiculously buff, muscular men with bulging biceps, popping pecks and quads that exceed the circumference of the sturdiest telephone pole. Most of them are impressive specimens, and some are so grossly over-developed that they invoke revulsion from onlookers. The one thing the majority of them, especially the latter group, all have in common is that they used steroids to get ripped.

Using steroids has a number of adverse effects, as you are probably already well aware. If not, let me reiterate a few of them so that you don’t make the mistake of turning to these illicit drugs to achieve top physical form.

Scientific studies have proven that anabolic steroids have terrible effects on the liver, especially when taken orally, but also with injections. The liver doesn’t function correctly, putting off too many liver enzymes that can harm the body’s hepatocytes (cells of the liver). Individuals who already suffer from any type of liver condition are at a much higher risk of developing life-threatening problems due to steroid use, but it should also be noted that studies involving professional athletes have shown that in most cases, just weeks after stopping usage, the liver returned to (or near enough to) a normal functioning condition (i.e. if you’re using steroids now, it’s not too late to stop!)

Steroids are known to cause impotency

If your overall health and life expectancy isn’t enough to convince you not to use steroids, how about impotency and the inability to reproduce? That’s right, steroids are known to cause impotency in men and it decreases the production of necessary hormones involved in reproduction.

steroids damage infographic

Steroids damage infographic

Don’t want children and figure a Viagra prescription will solve those issues? Here’s the cherry on top for you. Steroids have led to the development of male breasts! That’s right. I don’t care how much you like big breasts on the ladies, or how many times you jokingly stated that you’d just love to have a set of your own to play with anytime you want – you guys out there are not going to be happy if you start growing a pair of breasts to cover up those previously sculpted pecks!

Cardiovascular problems, aggressive behavior, increased sexual desire (combined with male impotency – bad mix!), anxiety, hallucinations, sleeping disorders, hair loss, immune system deficiency, tumors, prostate cancer, thyroid malfunction… I could go on and on detailing many more additional side effects of using steroids, but I would hope the information above is enough to remove the notion from your head.

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If you really want to get ripped without using steroids, there are plenty of ways to do it. Personally, I’d recommend following the advice of renowned fitness expert Tom Delauer. His theory on diet and fitness has proved successful for countless individuals, including myself. All it takes is a strong mindset and dedicating your time to the task. He also has more than 100 videos on his ‘Six Pack Abs’ YouTube channel to get you started. And don’t worry – you don’t have to stop eating. In fact, he encourages everyone to eat extra calories, especially in the beginning, to help the body build a more active metabolism.

Easy Full-Body Workout

The quickest ways to get ripped without steroids are by doing full-body workouts. Deadlifts are my favorite because they work your entire body, from top to bottom, while burning the most fat in the process. The more muscles you work, the more fat you burn, and deadlifts hit the legs, quads, abs, chest, back, arms – everything!

Amazing Fat Burner

For those of you that need to lose a larger amount of fat first, try starting your day with low-intensity cardio first thing in the morning. Before you eat or drink anything, go for a 10-15 minute speed-walk, but don’t let your heart rate elevate. Because there are no sugars in your body, this type of cardio burns pure fat at low-intensity. Don’t make the mistake of thinking high-intensity will burn more fat! That will only burn muscle instead. Aesop was right – slow and steady wins the race…

Intense Abs Workout

If it’s incredible six pack abs you’re looking for, a quick 6 minute workout every other day can get you there with no equipment needed. Start with 20 reps of reverse crunches, which specifically target the lower abdomen. Then jump right into 20 reps of toe touches to focus on the upper abs. Immediately after that, hold a plank position for 30 seconds to work the entire abdominal core. If you do this quickly, 4 times over without stopping to rest, you can have it all done in 6 minutes.

It’s going burn like crazy, but sculpted abs don’t take a lot of time. They require intensity to build quick and burn fat at the same time. Without intensity, the fat won’t melt off, and no matter how well developed your abdominal muscles become, you’ll never see them under that everlasting layer of fat.

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