How to get ABS fast by Mike Chang

how to get abs fast

There are plenty of diet and fitness programs out there that claim to give you the six pack abs you always wanted. Some of them might even say the results are super quick, but only Mike Chang’s Sixpack Shortcuts has provided many of its devotees, like myself, with a fully developed six pack in just 12 weeks. Now his team as developed the new Science Based Six Pack program which is even better of the original one. If you want to know how to get a six pack fast, there are some key ingredients to the formula.

Below I’ve listed five of Mike Chang’s personal top-5 tips to burning the fat and achieving the coveted six pack… fast!

science based six pack

Science Based Six Pack Fitness Program

Six Pack Tip #1: Not all fats are bad fats

Believe it or not, not all fats are bad fats. If you think avoiding all fats in your diet is going to get you the quick six pack abs you want, you’re sorely (or perhaps happily) mistaken. Fats are actually a good thing – so long as you’re eating the good fats. You can probably guess most of the bad fats, such as those found in fast foods or potato chips. Good fats consist of things like coconut oil, olive oil, fats from nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.) and other natural fats like avocados.

Eating good fats is extremely healthy for your body, and so long as you’re working out, there’s no limit to the calories you can intake from these fats.

Six Pack Tip #2: It takes more than a healthy diet to lose weight

I’ve heard plenty of diet gurus say that a healthy diet is the number-one key to weight loss. This simply isn’t true. There must be some sort of fitness regime involved, whether you’re trying to build muscle or not. Without exercise, a low-calorie diet can actually work against you.

Mike Chang explains that dieting actually lowers your metabolism, thereby causing your body to retain more calories. It’s a proven medical fact that if you’re not taking in enough calories, your body begins holding them in reserve. This is why crash diets are so unhealthy, and why they tend to have adverse effects, resulting in the person regaining all the weight they’ve lost, and then some, way faster than the time it took to lose it.

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They are doing it all wrong! Diet is important, yes, but it’s more about eating good, clean, healthy foods more often, and combining it with exercise. Mike Chang openly admits to eating three times the amount of food of the average male on a daily basis, and it’s not always healthy food either.

He even eats take-out pizza! Why? When working out, you need calories to keep your metabolism high, and because you’re not taking in so many bad fats, it’s the unwanted fat that is getting burned off at a high metabolic rate. How many diet/exercise plans do you know that don’t simultaneously eliminate your enjoyment of life?

Six Pack Tip #3: Cardio will not get you ripped

Cardio workouts are great in some aspects of a healthy workout, but if you’re trying to get ripped, cardio exercise is not going to get you there. Treadmills, ellipticals, they may have calorie burning benefits, but if you hear someone say “You have to do a lot of cardio to get lean”, ask them how much. In order to get the kind of results you want from cardio alone, you would have to spend 1-2 hours, 7 days a week, doing it. Cardio fitness does not raise your metabolism, and offers no afterburn effects.



The moment you step off the treadmill, the effects stop. With just a few minutes of intense strength training exercises, you burn the same amount of calories, plus get the afterburn effect that keeps the fat burning off hours after you’re done.

Six Pack Tip #4: Supplements are over-rated

If you’re getting the right amount of exercise and eating the right foods with enough calories, you do not need supplements. Do they have some type of benefits? Yes, they can effectively do about 10% of your work for you. But according to Mike Chang, he’s tried them all, spending hundreds of dollars a month and the minimal effects simply aren’t worth it. For example, why take pharmaceutically fabricated protein supplements when you could get the same effect naturally from eating high protein foods like steak and nuts? Save those hundreds of dollars for things like food (remember, you’ll need extra calories to build all those sixpack ab muscles), a membership at the local gym or other life pleasures.

Six Pack Tip #5: Don’t waste money on “ab-gadgets”

Ever watch late-night television? Chances are you’ve seen some pretty impressive looking hard bodies promoting some gadget or another that supposedly gave them superior sixpack abs. They are a complete waste of money. They don’t do anything more than a standard workout that you could do on your own with absolutely no gym equipment needed. How about that product that shapes your body into a sit-up position to make them easy to perform?

It takes all of the work out of it. Does that sound like an effective way to lose weight and build a sixpack? Of course not! No work means no gain, period. Perhaps you’ve seen the belly pack that you wrap around your waist and it sends electronic pulses to work your muscles, so you don’t have to work them yourself? Does the term “electro-shock therapy” mean anything to you? Let’s get real here. If you’re looking to lose weight and get sixpack abs fast without putting any real effort into it, you need to wake up, reassess your goals and maybe take a moment to read the Power of Belief in Achieving your Fitness Goals.

To define your abs and lose weight, we suggest you to try the Science Based Six Pack workout plan. Get it now, 70% OFF >>>

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