Does jogging really help with getting ripped?

According to Fitness trainers, jogging is a great way to lose fat and get active, especially for beginners who try to find excuses not to work out. With jogging, all you really need are your clothes and you are good to go, so trainers highly recommends it as a great way to get out and start burning calories.

Jogging is also a great way to find consistency in your exercises. For example, there are all sorts of charity runs, company runs, social runs, marathons and many more activities that are associated with running, so people find the exercise integrated into their social lives.

Finding that integration is key. Integration means that you find methods to make your workouts, whether they are cardio or lifting, and do not seem like a chore, but rather are an extension of your daily life, personality, and social affairs. There are other creative ways to do this, but jogging seems to have one of the largest frameworks for people to get involved in.

However, jogging is really only good for immediate fat loss and brings little muscle build to your workouts after you have done it for a few months. Professional trainers such as Thomas Delauer says that with jogging it is really easy to plateau because once you can do it for a regular amount of time, say 15 minutes every other day, the body becomes too accustomed and demands that the intensity builds up in order to increase your metabolism, which will help you further lose weight and get ripped.

What this means is that you will have to turn your 15-minute jog into a 25-minute one and then 45 minutes etc. until you are running all the time to see the same kind of fat loss growth you first saw when you started off jogging. This results in a lot of wasted effort that can be achieved in much shorter and intense periods.

The best way to get ripped through cardio then is to do short and intensive exercises that have little recovery in between. This is increases metabolism, which also carries over to when you are not working out, thus maximizing fat loss and hence that more “ripped” look.

If you are fine with spending so much time jogging then that is totally cool, more power to you. Gym leaders, however, say that so much jogging increases the probability with joint problems in the future and that you have to be constantly stretching to avoid injury. Moreover, jogging does not incorporate the upper body, which disappoints Mike Chang as he prefers to use the whole body even during his cardio workouts.

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Jogging can lead to muscle loss. If your body does not have enough calories when you jog after or before a workout, you run the risk of not gaining enough muscle from your workout or losing it, as your body may enter a catabolic state where your body is essentially eating your muscle and using it as fuel. You need your muscles for calories burning, and while the lower body may see those muscles improve, the rest of the body is getting screwed.


High intensity interval training is good to lose fat

But if you still insist on jogging don’t worry about it, perhaps you should consider doing more intense intervals instead of long sprints. For example, jog lightly for one minute and then bump up the speed by 30-50% and run as long as you can for about 30-60 seconds until your heart is pounding.

After that slow it back down and then maintain that speed for 30-60 seconds and keep repeating this motion over and over. You will see a big difference in not only how much your heart rate increases, but also in your endurance and ability to keep fat off when you are not working out.

To sum things up, jogging won’t necessarily help you get ripped but will help you get quick results for getting lean. Perhaps if you are starting off in working out you can do this but later if you really want to maximize your workouts and put on muscle/burn fat at the same time then you should be lifting heavier weights for as many reps as you can, or to the point where you are dripping coupled with different types of intense cardio that also works multiple muscle groups. This will bring the muscle gain you desire and will tear away fat.

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