How exercising can improve anger, self-esteem and depression

Anger, self-esteem and depression are often common traits among teenagers. While we are not experts on the topic and believe that if you have severe symptoms you should see a doctor, we do think that in many cases such issues … Read more >>>

CNBC: Fitness Bands best for “Relative Purposes”

fitness bands accuracy

A recent class action lawsuit against the popular fitness tech brand, FitBit, raised the question that its heart rate monitors are grossly inaccurate. Last week, a California university – commissioned by the plaintiff’s lawyers – ran tests that agreed … Read more >>>

3 Fitness Myths that will Drive you Crazy

I’ve heard of some crazy ideas relating to diets and workouts before. Some of them actually have merit, but the majority are nothing more than B.S. We’ll take a look at 3 of the craziest fitness myths that entirely too … Read more >>>