Mike Chang’s Monster Mass Review

The internet is full of scams for guys wanting to get in shape. But we aren’t like the rest, and we won’t cheat you. We know how tough it is to get in shape, and many of us personally struggled through this, which is we are here to help, because we know how it feels.

If you’re skinny, then Mike Chang is just the guy for you! Through the extensive training program he has devised, you can easily gain some weight and all that in muscle. There is guaranteed zero fat.[TOC]

What is this blessing-in-disguise? Mike Chang’s Monster Mass, and here we will provide a fully scrutinized analysis of this product that has had men going, “Damn, I only wish I’d found out about it sooner.

What we aim on is not giving you a haphazard review about this product, but instead immersing ourselves into the details that make this product great. We’ll vigorously criticize it, weigh it out in terms of pros and cons, and comprehensively explain its characteristics.

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The Creator

Monster Mass was made by Mike Chang, a world famous fitness trainer. He works on the internet, where thousands of people have turned to him for help. From these people, there is a particular group he is specifically focusing on, and these people are skinny guys wanting to build some muscle.

Mike Chang

Mike Chang

Just for them, he has made a fitness program called Monster Mass and is using it to provide hope to thousands just like you who want to better their lifestyle and health and feel better about the shape of their bodies.

What the heck is Monster Mass?

Ok, so imagine you are a skinny guy and on your way to build some muscle. You want to do this, and you want to do this fast without any buildup of fat, which is what happens in literally all fitness programs. To counter this problem of excessive fat, Mike Chang created Monster Mass.

Essentially, it works on creating workouts that are intensive and exhaustive, which only last for a short amount of time, but provide great results because they build muscle instantaneously.

These workouts are called Monster Sets and Monster Reps. Using them, skinny guys have an alternative to turn to which is hopeful.

  • What’s a Monster Set? There is a new technique that Mike Chang has developed and it is the basis of Monster Mass. Its name is Monster Sets, but in the scientific circle, it is referred to as “agonist-antagonist supersets.” What this basically consists of is two types of exercises that demand muscle groups which are opposing each other to simultaneously perform, and that too at the highest possible intensity. Using this exercise means that in the interval between one set and the other, you have more chances of not resting, and thereby, you keep your muscles active to the extent that they have a bulging look about them as well as a certain amount of energy which will increase muscle buildup and make those biceps really pop.
  • What’s a Monster Rep? Monster Mass is all about maintaining your form. You cannot give up on it. When you are building great, big muscles, then you have to lift bigger and bigger weights, which get heavier and heavier with every set. The only thing that will make sure you are taking full advantage from these weights is your maintenance of an accurate form. In every set of reps, there will be a time when you will face a challenge from the 2-3 reps at the ending. This challenge, accompanied with your great form, will be the thing to push you from normal reps to Monster Reps, and take you from zero to hero.

What does the Monster Mass contain?

  • A total of eight workouts: Monster Mass has workouts that take time which can range from 45 minutes to 65 minutes. On the website of Monster Mass, these workouts can be found by members. Otherwise they are also available on DVD.
    15 laws of muscle building

    15 laws of muscle building

  • Laws related to muscle building: Monster Mass is famous for having Fifteen Universal Laws which cannot be compromised on. These laws help in the building of muscle, through various processes. One of these is your diet. The Fifteen Universal Laws come both as an e-book, as well as a video of forty four minutes. The diet is explained in detail, and is the one that is used mostly by models in the fitness world, as well as by real bodybuilders. Other than the diet, there is a strong emphasis on your exercise. Several tips are provided on how to work in order to build muscle, and these tips have been tested in reality, by fitness models, bodybuilders, etc.
  • A full-fledged diet: This diet is known as the Monster Mass Diet and what it does is that, in the short time of two hours, it gives a complete overview of what to eat, and what not to eat, in order to succeed in the task of muscle building. The strategies outlined are extremely effective, and worth the effort.

That’s not all. Monster Mass comes with a great many exciting advantages and small deals that are light on your pocket and helpful in your attempts to get fit and ripped.

  • You are offered a FREE trial that lasts for THIRTY days and it is about coaching on an advanced level of fitness.
  • Supplements: No fitness program is complete without proper supplements to control your diet and make it healthy. “Afterburn Fuel” is Mike Chang’s greatest gift to you. He offers, in this program, his own personal supplements that he used in order to go from someone who was genetically at a disadvantage when it came to building muscles, to someone who is now one of the greatest trainers of physical fitness available online. These supplements are meant to last for 30 days, and they are a supply for that much time, and are to be used before you begin your workout, to get you in the zone.
  • Special coaching: When you are on a level of fitness which is advanced, which you will be once you get your hands on Monster Mass, then you will need special instructions in relation to how much effort you’ve put in and how much you’ve developed. To help you with the provision of these instructions, your fitness program will come with coaching in the form a video.

These videos will be given to you every month, in time with how much you develop under this program. Every single one of these videos will have in them special techniques and tricks, as well as advanced strategies from Mike Chang’s personal recommendation, meant to help your skinny body develop into a lean, muscular one.

Monster mass variations

Monster Mass video

All of these videos will have episodes in them, and these will be four, each one of these episodes is meant for one week, so per week you have one episode, and this will get you through four weeks, which is a total month. As you can see, Monster Mass is personally ensuring that it is with you throughout all your attempts to get better in shape.

monster mass advanced fitness coaching

Monster Mass advanced fitness coaching

  • Coaching via email: This is a true specialty and no fitness program will offer you this. Monster Mass’s own personal advisors will be keeping track of you online, and will be ready, on the spot, to answer any queries you might have or any advice that you might wish to seek. You will need special customization of the program with regards to your height, your body mass, and a whole lot of other factors, and these online coaches will be there to guide you all the way, and give you special tips that no other program will, to help you get in the game.

The Bioscience behind Monster Mass

There are two types of memories that the body has. One of them is known as “fat memory” and the other one is known as “muscle memory.” Here’s what happens: you ever see a guy who quickly gains muscle when he had quit muscle building for a while? That’s because of muscle memory. Similarly, if a person has been fat and then gone skinny and is looking to build some muscle, the normal average fitness routines won’t work with them, since they encourage you to get fat. This causes extra obesity and buildup of Adipose tissue, when what you really need is the fat to burn and the muscles to build. Monster Mass counters this problem by eliminating any probability for fat buildup, and through Monster Reps and Sets increases muscle growth.

What does Monster Mass guarantee you?

  • Even if you are genetically at a disadvantage when it comes to muscle growth, you will still not face any hindrances in this program.
  • There will be absolutely zero fat buildup, only pure muscle.
  • Complete success if you keep hooked on to the program and are motivated enough.
  • Muscular memory will be developed and keep you ripped and muscular, regardless of your age or height or body type.
  • It ensures a high success rate and has proof’s from previous fitness models and bodybuilders Mike Chang has helped and worked with to showcase.
  • Guaranteed muscle growth by the hyper-pumping of muscles being targeted through rigid routines. This will cause the muscles to receive more blood and develop more. This activity is scientifically known as hyperemia.
    monster mass diet

    Monster Mass diet

  • All the left over fat from the previous, terrible fitness regimes that caused you to bulk up will be used up efficiently through the process of thermogenesis, where all your fat is converted into energy to help you keep building your muscles.
  • You will be in such a strong constant form of muscle growth that fat will be being burned off even after workouts because the muscle growth will not stop even then.
  • All the respect and attention you desire will be yours.
  • Money back guarantee: if you do not see a change in sixty days, then you can get your money back. What more could you want?

The Pros of using Monster Mass

  • It is compatible with not just skinny guys wanting to pick up weight with muscle, but also with professional athletes who want their workouts to condition them better.
  • There is specific equipment you will need, under the Monster Mass program, but lucky for you, if you do not have it, you can watch Mike Chang and two affiliates performing these workouts in such a way that you won’t even feel the need for that equipment.
  • You have a full, lifetime access to ALL videos of the workouts as well as the tools. This is amazing because things that could be sold on their own for hundreds of dollars are being provided to you in just one compiled product and that too at an extraordinarily cheap and discounted price.
  • You are told, even before you get this program, right on your face by the trainer, Mike Change himself, that if you are the kind of guy who likes to whine, act like a girl, and complain about how tough things are, then you should not get into the program. Honesty is the best policy, am I right?
  • There is nothing you are putting on the risk here. See, you can get your money back, all hundred percent of it, if, under the set time of sixty days, you do not see any improvement in terms of your muscle growth.

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The Cons of using Monster Mass

We are honest enough to list down all the flaws we see in Monster Mass, so that you, the consumer, can make an educated guess at how things are before you purchase them.

  • Just like with any fitness program, you are going to need special equipment, and this may cost you extra money other than the $97 (e.g. gym costs). But I GUARANTEE you, that does not matter, because you are going to be making an investment that will give you returns that are profitable; and that profit will be your body, ripped and in shape.
  • The Monster Mass fitness program is very tough, it is only recommended to those who are confident enough in themselves to cope with it and remain motivated, because it demands a lot of time and effort that very few can give. However, if you do manage to put in your best, it is a hundred percent guarantee you will be proud of it as well as grateful.

The Price of the Monster Mass: Should you invest in it?

Look, as the title itself implies, you are making an investment. This is not something you purchase and then gain nothing from. No, this is purely for your own benefit.  Those who spend the money are investing the money so that they can get their required bodies through the promised muscular growth.

So that’s the first thing.

Otherwise, you are getting it at a 50% off through the affiliate link, even if you think it is a risk, the deal is so solid that you should go for it.

And now I’ll be frank with you, I sat down and estimated how much it would cost to avoid this fitness program and join a gym with personal training. All the consulting, the advice, everything that will be offered will be at a price ranging from $35 to $60 each SESSION.

60 days money back guaranteed

60 days money back guaranteed

You ask yourself, what is better, spending $97 to have a personal trainer with added benefits for a LIFETIME, or spend so much money and time and effort on sessions that will ultimately end up making you fat through outdated methodologies of building muscle?

The choice is yours, but if I were you, I’d save my money and invest in Monster Mass, which would give me some benefit at least, unlike the rest of the things I’d be blowing my money on.

You are not risking anything: you get 60 days money back guaranteed

That’s not all. Since I personally feel that the product itself is so amazing, and is a compilation of many other things, like helpful videos, coaching, supplements, then it is deserving of our money. It has so many things in it that could be sold on their own for so many dollars and yet they are available all in one package at one of the least expensive prices, just $97.

I would say: Go for it.

Final Thoughts

Monster Mass is not for the weak hearted. If you are going in, go all the way. Seeing that it is cheap and gives awesome benefits, it is something you should definitely invest in. The only warning to you is this: if you are going to give up, then it is not worth it. If you are a man, and sensible, take this amazing offer NOW(click here).

Monster Mass
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