Small Workouts Make Big Differences

small workouts make big differences

Are you someone who only has limited time and as a result makes excuses not to work out? If so, read on as you will see that small doses of workouts actually make a huge difference!

Most people get too overwhelmed by the thought of working out before they even try it. Usually, we read about long hours spent at the gym, specialized diets, and high bills for workout costs, trainers and dietary supplements, but often forget that while those may seem flashy and cool, they’re totally not necessary. What’s necessary, however, is a constant flow of small amounts or steps. Lets look at this more in depth and how it relates to working out.

To begin, keep one thing in mind- A journey of 10,000 miles begins with one step.

take a small step everyday

Take a small step everyday

As you begin to think about how you can increase your workout time, whether it be to gain muscle and get ripped, or lose weight to reach a certain body type, remember that each effort makes a difference. If you are a first timer, start in small doses such as 10-15 minutes. For example, get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning and walk around the block for that same amount. Do this for at least a month and I can guarantee you will see benefits one way or the other in your health.

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Or how about when trying to gain muscle? Whether you have worked out for a long time or are just starting out, lift something that is heavy to you and hold it for 10-15 seconds. For example, when doing a pull up, lift yourself up and hold the position for that time period. See how you feel after doing it a few times and watch the results in the days and weeks to come. You are guaranteed to at least strengthen your core as well as obtain bragging rights if need be.

After taking such measures, you will see yourself gradually improve and increasingly walk down the path of awesomeness in reaching whatever goal you have in your workout. Remember to enjoy the process as well and know that your goal is made up of a series of such small steps, which eventually lead to a big leap. If you keep this mindset, results will pop up without you even knowing and you will lose the sense of frustration or disbelief that you are unable to make use of a workout or do something great with it.

Remember, not only do workouts work this way, but so does life. Therefore, make your workout your new habit in life and watch as you transform yourself into new habits, patterns and overall success in all your endeavors. Take the first step, and watch the journey unfold.

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