The four-hour workout week: for busy people

4 hour workout for busy people

It may seem crazy to think that something can be achieved by applying four hours a week to it, but if you consider what four hours translates to in a month followed by a year, you will realize that such a small number can lead to big results.

So what about working out? Do we need to believe that we should be at the gym all the time 7 days a week in order to put on muscle or to cut fat? Well, if you are working out improperly then yes, but if you believe goals can be achieved effectively regardless if it’s a short amount of time then no, and therefore you may want to consider these workout tips.

Basically, we can divide our workout days into 2-3 days, with 3 recommended as the most ideal. However, 2 can work as well. If we have 3 days available then we should think of doing a workout on one day followed by a day of rest. After our third workout day of the week then we should rest for two days. Basically, this schedule looks like this:

The four hour workout week
Monday-Workout Tuesday-Rest Wednesday-Workout Thursday-Rest Friday-Workout Saturday-Rest Sunday-Rest

Of course, these days can be switched around to your liking but it’s best to follow this pattern if you are a beginner or even if you are at an intermediate stage.

We can divide each day into 80-minute workouts, which in my opinion is a really practical and realistic number to aim for. Anything less, or at the very least 60 minutes, tends not to bring the results people look for as the time does not give enough to do multiple muscle groups to the extent of which they need to be worked on to build muscle and cut fat. So, within our 80-minute exercise we can think of our schedule for the day as such:

25 minutes: One muscle group
25 minutes: Another muscle group
15 minutes: Core strengthening or abs workouts
15 minutes: Non-stop cardio such as running or cycling

For the two 25 minute sections you should do a major muscle group for each one. Personally, I like to do chest and biceps on one day followed by shoulders and triceps on one day. So, that means on Monday I am doing chest for 25 minutes followed biceps for 25 minutes and then on Wednesday I am doing shoulders for 25 minutes and triceps for 25 minutes. On Fridays, I do lower body workouts, focusing on two muscle groups such as glutes and thighs for 25 minutes each. The process then begins the following week.

these are the major muscle groups

These are the major muscle groups

For each 25 minute portion you should try to get in 7-8 sets by starting light in weight and gradually increasing the weight to your max amount and then going back down. For the light weight portion you should be able to do 12-14 reps on the first set followed by 10-12 on the next; 8-10 reps on the next; and two sets of 6-8 at your maximum amount. Then, decrease the weight and go down to a weight that will allow you to do 8-10 reps and back up to 10-12 and then 12-14 reps for a total of seven sets altogether. Do each set and take about 2 minutes in between to rest so that it will take you about 25 minutes to finish.

For the first 15-minute portion, I recommend doing abs exercises for now and worrying about things such as core strengthening when you become more advanced. There are many exercises you can do, including sit-ups, crunches and planking. Whichever one you pick, do it as intensely as you can for about 1 minute and then rest 1 minute. Repeat this 5-7 times.

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If you follow what is mentioned above you will see fast results immediately. The process is so simple and yet many people ignore it and choose to be lazy. But not you, because I know you are reading this to make a change!

At this point in the workout you have done about 60 minutes. You could give up, but I highly recommend that you go on the treadmill and run at least 10-20 minutes for about 1-2 miles in order to help you keep body fat down. This will be especially important when you start chomping down more food after your workout to keep on muscle, which is what I would like to discuss next.

Post workout foods to keep on muscle

If you followed the above procedures, your body is now experiencing two things-burning fat and muscle expansion. However, if you didn’t do any cardio at the end you may face risk of gaining fat and muscle, so be aware. Basically, your best bet after a workout is to slam a protein shake or something with a good amount of protein in it, such as nuts, tuna etc. That coupled with some fruit will help you build muscle, revitalize your energy and keep you healthy. In addition, whenever you start to feel not full throughout the day, eat something healthy or with protein to keep on the muscle.

However, if you eat this way and are not doing cardio, both muscle and fat may remain as your body is telling itself to keep everything on, including fat. Therefore, even though some of the healthy stuff you put in your body after a workout may be low in fat, it could add up if you are not walking or doing something active in the meantime. This is why you see guys with big muscles and big bellies.

Good luck with this and you will not be disappointed. Remember to always stretch in the beginning and remain positive, as most of success including that in working out is in attitude in addition to hard work and perseverance.

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