The extra step: How to push yourself over the limit in your workouts

Whenever you are comfortable with a weight amount that you can do for 8-10 reps for 2-3 sets, you should consider going to a higher weight if you want to build muscle.

Doing reps for 8-10 times for 2-3 … Read more >>>

Small Workouts Make Big Differences

small workouts make big differences

Are you someone who only has limited time and as a result makes excuses not to work out? If so, read on as you will see that small doses of workouts actually make a huge difference!

Most people get too … Read more >>>

Muscle Toning: When Weight Loss isn’t Enough

lose weight muscle toning

New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit are incredibly common. Unfortunately, so is the rate of failure. Winter weather is one of the most common excuses to give up. Now that spring is here, we don’t have to … Read more >>>

Why Lap Swimming is one of the Best but most Challenging Exercises

When’s the last time you swamp multiple laps across an Olympic size pool? Unless you’re an avid swimmer, it’s probably been a very long time, if ever. But if you’re looking to get fit and tone up all over, it … Read more >>>