What men over 40 need to do to build muscle

For most people over 40, it’s not about the body that keeps men from exercising-it’s more about the mindset!

By age 40, most men are already in a routine they find hard to get out of. They think that between work and family there is either not much time or energy for exercising, or they think their bodies are just “getting old”. These are all myths contracted by the mind and you should not abide them!

What you really need is a sense of belief in yourself and the commitment to know you have the potential to get ripped and lose weight just like anyone else. Just take a look at the number of fit people over 40. There are many and all of them use the mindset that they are young and capable. As a result, well into even their fifties they look and feel great.

Fit Over 40

Fit Over 40

Remember, you are who you believe yourself to be, so start acting like you are capable of getting into shape!

You do need to keep in mind that your muscles and body have changed over time, meaning that you are more prone to an injury than a 20 year old if you start lifting heavy weight without any natural progression beforehand. However, whatever the age may be this still applies, so take it slower in the beginning and don’t ware yourself out too fast.

There is talk about the metabolism of 40-year olds. Metabolism does change over time but it’s absolutely unreal to say that because you are over 40 there is no way for you to lose fat. There are some tips though that can help increase metabolism and keep fat burning well after your workout that will give you an edge based off research. The secret lies in afterburn, or “EPOC”.

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Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which is a fancy way of describing how much your metabolism has increased after an exercise compared to a person’s resting metabolic rate. After a workout, the body is deprived of oxygen and goes into a metabolic deficit, so what happens is that after a workout the body needs to raise its metabolism to get it back to the state where it was when it started. While this is occurring fat and calories are burning.

In order to make the most of EPOC or the process of burning fat even if you are sitting on a couch after a workout, it is better to do more intense workouts in shorter intervals compared to longer workouts. The benefit of doing shorter more intense exercises is that your body can burn more calories due to the intensity at which the metabolism burns. In less intensive exercises spent over long periods of time, such as running 2-3 miles, the body slowly adjusts its heart rate. But in more intensive exercises the body is able to fluctuate its metabolism more and create a higher metabolic rate that carries over into your resting metabolic rate. The resting metabolic rate has to do with how many calories you burn when you are not working out, which basically means the amount you do when you are sitting on the couch.

Men over 40 also need to focus on workouts that maximize their testosterone levels during workouts, as testosterone does tend to fluctuate with age. To optimize male hormones, shorter and intensive workouts are also recommended in addition to healthier diets, increased zinc and vitamins, and even a more active sex life.

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